Web Design Trends 2019

Web Design Trends 2019

Web design trends in 2019 will feature, a rise in the popularity of user interactive, interactions, meaning user would be wowed every time they click, tap, scroll or directly interact with a user interface. Vector graphic designs and illustrations will also be used to create customized user interface designs that will fascinate users. Vector design pieces will be combined with scroll reveal techniques or user interactive panning, side scroll or slide show web design elements, to create richer visual experiences.

Video Interactions

WebGL and HTML Canvas based video interactions are bringing back Flash memories, no pun intended. Although this web design technique is resource intensive, both on the device hardware as well as on internet bandwidth, it is an extremely popular design trend in high budget web development projects, and will surely feature in the future, at least in limited forms on web pages, as device capabilities and internet connection speeds improve globally. Video interactions will give users the ability to interact with video content in different ways and keep users engaged for longer. 360 degree video content used in tandem with the above technique is a predictable way on how this web design trend could evolve in the future.

Vector Designs

Vector designing is an art form that has grown in popularity over the last couple of years, used mainly for promotional, print or digital content, they are now becoming very popular for creating that wow factor in web designs. First pioneered as a centerpiece header element on the Zurb Foundation home page many years back, well designed vector elements are now being used on websites, both in the header sections as well as throughout the body of a web page. Combining scalable vector graphics with CSS and JavaScript animation code means that the possibilities are endless, for web designers looking to create something awesome.

Scroll Interactions

A good and efficient technique to wow website users, both on personal computers as well as smart devices, is to use scroll interactions and animations that, fire or play based on the users scroll position. Although this is an old design trend with plenty of jQuery plugins to support web developers, it is still a popular design trend that was seen in 2018 and will also feature as a web design trend in 2019. A good case for the heavy influence of scroll interactions on websites in the future, is because it plays extremely well with fluid or responsive designs, tailored for the smart device and mobile user traffic.

This is a work in progress article, that will have more content added to each of the different subheadings, as well as more trends and techniques used for front end web designing. Tutorial and infographic links on how to web design, will also be added on here, or in the article page below in the future.

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Digital Marketing Trends 2019

Digital Marketing Trends 2019

The digital marketing trends of 2019 will see an increase in the use of various marketing automation tools and techniques, with a goal of identifying individuals and segments, so as to provide customized marketing or content experiences. A higher degree of importance will also be placed on conversion rate optimization, whilst lesser obtrusive methods of compelling users to take favorable actions on websites and apps, will also be devised. Function reliant websites will see a need to make aesthetic user interface improvements, for uniqueness.

Conversion Optimization

Conversion rate optimization is a process of improving the rate at which identified users or segments are performing certain actions. Conversion, in terms of websites and mobile apps can be identified as a sale, a newsletter signup, an advertisement click or even a landing page view. Conversion rate optimization can only be achieved once the quality traffic, metrics have been improved, this can be achieved quickly, through the use of paid advertising.

Marketing Automation

Broadly described, marketing automation is any online or computer software that helps automate marketing actions and customer engagement. An excellent example of marketing automation in action would be the social media ads we see on our home feed, this type of marketing content is pushed to our feed as a result of the content that we have viewed previously, and identified by the data that was generated as a result of our usage actions.

Interface Designing

Websites that generate traffic as a result of providing an online service or certain essential functionality, will see the need to make aesthetic user interface improvements as more competition enters each space within which they compete. For instance, most classified sites provide similar functionality and layout designs, that from a marketing perspective, the first movers who provide something totally unique and more design oriented, have every chance to capitalize on the opportunity of users, looking for something fresh and different.

Artificial Intelligence

2018 saw a rise in the use of Chatbots and marketing automation, backed by artificial intelligence. Alibaba’s ability to handle its record breaking Singles day sales rush, is purely attributed to artificial intelligence powered chat and marketing content generation. Although Chatbot’s and marketing automation generated content is now within the reach of even small scale websites at a very minimal cost, machine learning and artificial intelligence powered marketing platforms and services will see a surge in popularity in 2019 and beyond.

This is a work in progress article, that will have more content added to each of the different subheadings, as well as more trends and techniques used by marketers for optimizing digital marketing efforts. Tutorial and infographic links as well as how to videos, will also be added on here, or in the article page below in the future.

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how to Become a App Developer

How to Become a App Developer

There are several ways to go about creating mobile apps, Several technologies and platforms have come and gone, have gained popularity or lost favor over the last couple of years. However, mobile app development can be broadly categorized into three different types of apps. Native Apps or the purist approach, Hybrid App technologies and Cross Platform Apps that deliver native like performance. Although this article will touch on each of the methods mentioned above for developing mobile apps, all of the future content and tutorials will focus on hybrid and cross platform technologies and tricks that can also provide native like performance.

Native Application

Native App development or the right way of building mobile apps, is also the hard way of doing things as it requires the knowledge of three different programming languages, when developing the app for all three mobile platforms, IOS, Android and Windows. This approach will also require setting up of the different development environments and dependencies, required for each of these platforms, debugging, testing and updating will all have to be done individually for each platform, essentially it will be three different apps that are being developed. Due to the costly and wasteful nature of not being able to share a common code base or developer resources, native app development can only be recommended for mobile app development, if and when developing for any one single platform.

Hybrid Technology

Hybrid App development, which is the easy way of developing mobile apps, is essentially a process of converting a regular web app or website, that uses web technologies, into a packaged mobile app that can run cross platform on any device. Although this sounds like magic, it's actually true and it can be used very effectively for mobile app development, especially with good and efficient coding practices.

In fact Hybrid App development is so easy that all a web developer needs to do is upload the web app to the PhoneGap cloud build services and have it output, mobile apps for each of the different platforms, all in a matter of minutes. However, as this is the easy way of doing things, there is a downside to it, and that is performance issues as well as user experience constraints, when developing one single app that works everywhere, through what is referred to as the WebView.

Cross Platform

Then there is the middle path to mobile app development, which is cross platform app development that promises native like performance, essentially the best of both worlds. This approach uses a single or shared code base, using programming languages such as JavaScript or C# to build the app once and deploy it across multiple platforms.

Given that major social networking sites, use this approach to build their own mobile apps, along with the popularity of Xamarin and React Native, two cross platform mobile app development ecosystems, indicate that mobile app development is heading in the direction of cross platform apps, with a shared code base, that deliver native like performance. As such future updates to this article will focus on the different technologies or services that promise both cross platform benefits and native like performance, as well as efficient coding practices, tips and tricks for Hybrid Apps, in order to make them more native like.

This article will periodically update with more content, infographics, reviews as well as tutorial links on how to use the different mobile app technologies for your own app development efforts.

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Examples of Content Marketing

Examples of Content Marketing

Content marketing is simply about creating valuable content, that is offered to a relevant audience who perceive the content as important, helpful or even entertaining. Content marketing can take shape in the form of Infographics, Podcast, Videos or even a really informative Web Page, whatever the type of content that is used, it should be less about promotion and more about creating value. This article will update to list some famous content marketing examples as well as current content marketing campaigns that are creating an impact on an audience.

* The famous will it blend videos created by Blendtec to demonstrate the power of its range of blenders, by blending items such as cell phones and golf balls.

* The surfing company, Rip Curl’s online publication titled “The Search”, which chronicles the travel stories of surfers on their search for the ultimate surf adventure.

* MOZ.com’s beginners guide to SEO is simply a web page that provides incredible value to anybody wanting to learn about search engine optimization.

* Hootsuite's Game of Social Thrones was a video created as a rendition of the opening title of the Game of Thrones, indicating its effort to unite all social networks under one platform.

* The “LUSH” beauty brand’s how it’s made video series, showcasing the step by step processes required for creating beauty care products, using fresh ingredients.

* Rolex creating posts for social media, using high quality and amazing photography of its products and components along with some insightful information.

* LinkedIn’s insider guide, titled “The Secret Sauce” to LinkedIn Marketing Solutions, which provides tips, tricks and lessons for marketing on the LinkedIn platform.

* McDonald’s Canada, with its web based asset, titled our food your questions, attempts to answer all customer queries about its food, They also display the user generated questions.

As can be seen by the examples above, content marketing creates engagement rather than directly promoting a product or service, So the key questions to ask a digital marketer or marketing service provider is how they can create engagement for your brand and what types of content they will generate, at what frequency. Based on marketing research of online sources and resources data, what we see is that Blogging is still the most effective and engaging type of content marketing format, followed by Newsletters, Long form Marketing Videos and Infographics.

This article will periodically update with more content, ideas, infographics, examples as well as tutorial links on how to create content for your own content marketing efforts.

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Digital Marketing Trends

Digital Marketing Trends 2018

Although the traditional digital marketing efforts such as email marketing as well search and social media advertising are still some of the most effective ways of getting your digital content and brand awareness message across to targeted audiences, digital marketers also need to gain expertise practicing other digital marketing trends that help create better engagement and lead to higher sales conversions.

Mobile Friendly

The importance of creating mobile friendly online assets and digital content has been drilled into the mindset of digital marketers over the last couple of years. The ability of consumers to engage with brands they like, easily via mobile, gives rise to new opportunities for engagement, such as through browser notifications and popups etc.

Chatbot Technology

Some of the positives of web automation are machine learning and chatbot technologies, imagine a scenario where your customers questions and queries are answered promptly at any time, on any day without fail whilst always maintaining consistency. Chat bots are already providing that live feedback element to online users, and they will soon not only be closing the deal, but also actively seeking and funneling new sales leads in the digital world.

Infographic Content

Visual representation of information and ideas will always be popular because people have a short attention span and want to consume valuable information easily and quickly, however, with the explosion of infographic content online, it is extremely easy to get lost in all that noise. So it’s important to research your topic and create eye catching, well designed and easy to understand infographics.

Explainer Videos

Nothing can beat a good short video that tells your customer exactly what they need to know, Digital marketers, creating engaging videos and similar visual content such as animated GIFs that are entertaining, informative or are visual depictions of a message, significantly improve their chances of creating effective engagement and subsequent conversion.

This article is followed up by Digital Marketing Trends 2019, for more content, infographics, new trends as well as tutorial links on how to incorporate, trends into your own digital marketing efforts.

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Web Design Trends

Web Design Trends 2018

Web design trends in 2018 show, a return in the popularity of web animation, as well an affinity towards user interface customization using unique typography and visual design. Whilst giving a basic overview of the concepts and technologies used in these web design trends, future articles will also include tutorials, visual examples and the latest trends in web designing.

Web Animation

Ever since the humble GIF image was used as a means of animating icons and images on the web, digital marketers jumped on the opportunity to provide animated visual content to targeted users, as was seen with the explosion of banner ads. Although GIF images are now making a strong comeback on the web thanks to platform such as Tumblr, Imgur and Giphy, their prior decline in popularity for use on websites, because of performance issues, gave rise to newer technologies. Ironically however, although these newer technologies are extremely good at what they do, they still cannot substitute some basic GIF features such as simplicity and realism, hence the revival of GIF popularity on the web.

SVG animated images, powered by CSS animations is the most efficient way of creating web animations, this coupled with sprite sheets, means you are a web super hero saving bandwidth. SVG images can also be animated via JavaScript and associated libraries such as Snap.SVG or GreenSock tools.

In order to create 3D capable web animations that will amaze your users, web developers would have to use WebGL, which is a JavaScript API for rendering 2D and 3D graphics within web browsers. Although WebGL is an intermediary to expert developer undertaking, putting in the effort to learn it will pay great dividends, a good place to start would be three.js.

Then there is the extremely reliable HTML 5 video element which can be set to auto play and loop, therefore giving the illusion of an animation, and is an excellent choice for animated backgrounds header sections and slideshows etc.

Unique Illustrations

While providing an element of customization to web designs, they can help project a brands identity and shape the customer perception of a brand. By providing an energetic, awesome, fun, playful, or more approachable depiction of a brand, illustrations in web design help create a positive visual experience for users. Although this trend is in its infancy, it can help web designs stand out amongst the crowd. A good place to start learning how to create illustrations would be to learn how to create vector graphics and then, progress on to drawing vector art, a drawing tablet such as “Wacom” will be essential for any aspiring illustration artist.

Custom Typography

Using custom web fonts help create unique user interfaces and website designs that will help portray brand identity. Although typography selections may finally rest in the hands of the brand marketers, the web designers must create the relevant code that not only ensures the custom fonts display on devices as intended, but also provide matching fallback fonts for edge case scenarios. A good place to create font kits for the web using custom fonts is fontsquirrel.com, fallback fonts need to be provided via CSS code.

Video Backgrounds

An extremely popular web design trend spotted in 2018 was the use of video backgrounds on website homepages. Whilst creating a sense of liveliness, auto playing video header backgrounds are a quick and easy way to create a classy and sophisticated looking website design. Although the trend of auto playing video headers may lose favor in 2019, they are sure to be replaced by, intro, explainer videos or 3D and interactive video content via technologies such as WebGL.

This article is followed up by Web Design Trends 2019, for more content, infographics, new trends as well as tutorial links on how to incorporate new web design trends into your own web development projects.

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